St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Christian Education


Please Welcome Our New Family Life Coordinator

Janice Thompson

When I was born, my 2 year-old brother excitedly welcomed me to our small suburban “grandma house” near Harrisburg, PA where alleys ran behind the houses with many neighborhood playmates. I took ballet and played the cello, while my brother climbed trees and drew pictures. Because my mom permitted us an array of pets, when we moved to a farm, we simply continued adding species. Although I missed my former friends, I loved attending our country church’s Sunday School where I made new ones. My work life began in high school waitressing on the weekends and has included hostessing/cashiering in restaurants; working as a legal secretary/legal assistant/word processor in law firms as well as the federal government; working in academic administration; and finally, teaching/tutoring English as a Second Language (“ESL”) to international students and immigrants at the UD’s English Language Institute and in Spain. One summer, being between jobs, I hostessed at a Dewey Beach restaurant where I met Jerry “Crabmeat” Thompson, a talented musician/teacher/writer. When I moved to Middletown to become Mrs. Crabmeat (a/k/a Ms. Crabcake), Crabmeat urged me to return to school and earn my BA in English – we both studied abroad in Ireland! For over 26+ years, Crabmeat and I shared an interesting and adventuresome life of learning, traveling, doing his children’s gigs, and teaching ESL.

Children’s Lesson Announcement
If you are interested in being part of our children's lesson rotation for the Fall, please contact Janice Thompson ( We're looking for volunteers at both 8:30 and 11 AM services. Thank you!
Children's Sunday School
Please complete and return the 2021-2022 Sunday School Registration 
The CHILDREN of St. Paul’s are invited to PAINT a PUMPKIN
WHEN: 1PM TO 2PM, Saturday, October 30th
DRESS: Painting Clothes
St. Paul’s 2nd Annual HALLOWEEN DRIVE BY
Sunday, October 31st from 3PM to 4PM 
DRESS UP in your scariest, funniest, or most beautiful COSTUME, get your
PICTURE taken, and receive a bag of TREATS. Don’t forget to DECORATE your


TITHE=Trust Is The Heart of Everything
We know you want a vital, tangible and visible faith life here at St. Paul's and have great trust that each of you will support your church as a MISSION to the M.O.T. area.  One way to do that is the spiritual discipline of TITHING.  But tithing is a spiritual discipline which enhances the givers' life more than it enhances God's life.  Ask me, your pastor, because I tithe. Is it easy?  Not always.  Is it necessary?  Absolutely.  For my spiritual peace of mind.  To help order my life towards God. For more information on tithing and personal finances go to