St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Christian Education




From Vicki Spence

SUNDAY SCHOOL REGISTRATION forms are in the narthex, on the lower level table outside the Family Life Office and on-line. Get the kids signed up. The teachers are ready and waiting for them!
SUNDAY SCHOOL SAFETY – Parents of PK-2nd Graders
Please be sure to go to your child’s Sunday School class at 10:45 AM to pick up your little love (if under 3rd grade). Teachers will wait in their rooms until all children have been dismissed to their family.
CALLING ALL THIRD GRADERS! Third grade is an exciting time for many reasons. We will be celebrating one of those reasons THIS SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 when we present the third graders with their own ADVENTURE Bible at both the 8:30 & 11 AM worship services.
NURSERY SERVANTS NEEDED FOR 8:30 AND 11 AM SERVICE  We need two people for each service. If you are able and interested in serving please let Vicki Spence know so we can get a schedule made as soon as possible.
PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR KIDS!!! Sometimes our world can be a scary place—when you go off to school when playgrounds are intimidating, when your friends have a different teacher or someone says something unkind on the bus… When you see violence and natural disasters on TV or know first-hand from friends and family. 

THERE IS MUCH GOOD IN THE WORLDbut it can be a scary place at times. If you want to pray throughout the year for one of our kids or youth--take a name from the board by the front door. You can pray for them in quiet. You can let them know you are their prayer buddy. You can pray with them! They love knowing who is praying for them so let them know if you are comfortable with that and stay in touch with them throughout the year. Maybe their world won’t be such a scary place when they feel connected and surrounded by love and prayer.
ACOLYTES NEEDED!  We are gearing up for a great year at St. Paul’s and in need of acolytes for 11 AM worship. If you are able to serve please contact the office.

KIDSSign up for St. Paul’s servant jobs: acolyte, greeter, liturgist…check out the list in Sunday School. We will be training acolytes & greeters in the coming weeks.
THINK WAY AHEADMark your calendar for the Youth Yard Sale and Bake Sale in front of the St. Paul’s. Youth Mission & Rally Fundraiser
October 14 from 8 AM – NOON
CONFIRMATION Parent & potential confirmands [6th grade and up] meeting Sunday, October 1 from 4:30-6 PM
REQUEST FOR COLLEGE ADDRESSES for new and returning students.  Please email the church office so that we can stay in touch with you!

JANUARY 5-7, 2018
Ocean City MD


Don’t’ miss our opening Adult Studies class as Pastor Karin offers her photographs of her trip this past spring to the Holy Land. This will whet your appetite for our continuing Bible studies!
TITHE=Trust Is The Heart of Everything
We know you want a vital, tangible and visible faith life here at St. Paul's and have great trust that each of you will support your church as a MISSION to the M.O.T. area.  One way to do that is the spiritual discipline of TITHING.  But tithing is a spiritual discipline which enhances the givers' life more than it enhances God's life.  Ask me, your pastor, because I tithe. Is it easy?  Not always.  Is it necessary?  Absolutely.  For my spiritual peace of mind.  To help order my life towards God. For more information on tithing and personal finances go to