St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Vacation Bible School Registration 2017

June 19 – June 23 6:00 – 8:00 PM at St. Paul’s UMC
 Please register here:
   Child #1 Name                                                        Age          Date of Birth
   Child #2 Name                                                       Age          Date of Birth            
   Child #3 Name                                                       Age          Date of Birth
   Child #4 Name                                                       Age          Date of Birth

Street Address

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Number of Family Members participating in Vacation Bible School  
Parent/Guardian Name(s):

Emergency Contact (other than above)  Name      Number   
Who, other than Parent/Guardian, has permission to pick up your child from VBS?  

Allergies or other medical information (please include food allergies and medications taken on a daily basis)

Home Church

Name of special friend or family member child might like to be grouped with  
(Please appreciate that while we will try our best, we may not be able to accommodate this request)
We ask that parents/guardians please sign up to offer their service to our VBS ministry at least one night during the program.  Please indicate below what day you would like to volunteer and in what area. Your service toward our children is greatly appreciated!
  Day (Please Check):                 Monday        Tuesday    Wednesday        
                                                    Thursday       Friday                   
  Area to Help (Please Check):  Crafts          Games       Group Leader
                                                    Registration  Clean Up   Serving Dinner  

Photo/Interview/Film Consent: We ask your permission for the opportunity to photograph, interview, quote, and/or film your child during our Vacation Bible School program.  By checking the box above, authorize St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Tree of Life Lutheran Church, and the media (such as the Middletown Transcript) to photograph, interview, quote, and/or film my child during the 2017 Vacation Bible School program. 

Note: Clicking the Submit Registration Form button will automatically 
notify SPUMC of your registration.  Please submit only once to avoid duplicates. 
Thank you for registering!!!