St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Monday, August 03, 2020

Scripture: Luke 15:1-10

Synopsis: Luke 15 is a great chapter to bookmark in your mind. It contains three famous lost and found parables, only one of which can also be found in another gospel, the parable of the lost sheep, in Matthew. This Sunday we focus on the first two (the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin), while skipping the famous Prodigal Son Parable (which the Lectionary moves to the season of Lent).

The theme all of the parables share is of the celebration that attends the restoration of someone or something lost to the flock, collection, or family. In each case, the world seems to revolve around not only restoring the lost – but justifying and explaining the celebration that attends that restoration. Only the final parable hints that not everyone might want to be a part of such a celebration. Which gives us an entirely different definition of what it means to be lost. Not to worry, though, if you find that last sentence calls you out – you have the key to open the door and celebrate!