St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Thursday, August 17, 2017



We invite you to worship with us each Sunday!
You will be warmly welcomed as you experience
the love and the grace of God through our
Sunday worship services and teaching.



The folks of St. Paul’s offer worship in which we honor tradition, are challenged with the Christian journey, celebrate the Word and share our stories in the intimate setting that is St. Paul's Church. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to worship for the Children’s Celebration at each service. If you and your family are searching for meaningful worship and discipleship, join us for these opportunities to explore your faith. St. Paul’s is a spiritual home for people of all ages and backgrounds and for families, traditional and non-traditional, where creativity and passion for the Gospel flourish and we are bound by the love of God that draws us together.


In the summer Gail will leave a bit early, but here is the basic schedule, remembering that this, too, can change:

  • AUGUST 27
  • SEPTEMBER [RESUME 8:25 WORSHIP]  10 & 24
  • OCTOBER 1, 22 & 29
  • NOVEMBER 5 & 26
  • DECEMBER 3 & 24
  • JANUARY 7 & 28, 2018


Join us here for Pastor Karin's weekly notes!

Dear Friends,

Over the course of these past weeks we have explored a 6-PACK ATTACK, BODYPUMP WITH JESUS and IN THE MOMENT.  This Sunday we conclude with ENDURE & ELEVATE. Technically we don’t “conclude” our discipleship journeys—as faithful Christians, especially as Wesleyans, we “go on to perfection” which means we continue to stretch and strengthen our spiritual muscle—while we strive to take better care of our physical temples! We don’t much like to ENDURE for that implies a certain amount of suffering. As many of you know I continue to navigate sorrow—not only the deaths of my parents, but other significant and not-so-significant losses as well over these past two years. That is the nature of our humanity. What I’ve learned is that sometimes we don’t “get over” these things, but rather we ENDURE them, we learn TO CARRY these things. And carrying requires strength and stretching and training and the faithful company of others along the way. That is the role of the family of Christ, the Body which as I demonstrated two weeks ago, helps us lift our burdens and challenges because we can’t carry them alone. Jesus showed us how as our ultimate heavy lifter, giving everything he had to lighten our load. So may we lighten the load of others this day. Be encouragers! And take solace and joy in each moment. Your challenge this week is to BE STILL. Find just a few moments today, and each day, to quiet yourself, breathe deeply and listen. BE. STILL. AND KNOW. GOD.

We will continue to focus on health and wellbeing of BODY, MIND & SPIRIT as we move into the Fall. My prayer is that each of you will be challenged in new and faith-filled ways to be spiritually and physically fit. Our congregation needs it and so does our world!

See you this Sunday!

With a grateful heart,

Pastor Karin