St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 01, 2022

Christian Education

Children's Sunday School
Will resume in the Fall
CAMP PECOMETH 2022 Registration is NOW OPEN
CHILDREN/YOUTH: If you're ready for a "God-inspired/Life-changing" summer experience!
CHECK OUT: Pecometh | Summer Camp
A huge thank you goes out to everyone who volunteered for Vacation Bible School held at Connection Church this week. There were over 80 kids registered, and the kids and adults all had a wonderful time. Thank you to Laura Widger, Susie Cate, Janet Miller, Joyce Nelson, Carlotta Cline, Charlotte Miller, and Tracy Walls-Pulling for being there for the kids. A big thank you also to everyone who donated all the snacks for the week. They are
June Stemmle, Susannah Vitsorek, Dawn Buckworth, Joyce Nelson, Laura Widger, Helen George, Charlotte Miller, and Tracy Walls-Pulling. We also appreciate Bonnie Valeski and Alice Mullins doing all the administrative work to make sure the volunteers had their Safe Sanctuaries requirements completed.

Will resume in the Fall

TITHE=Trust Is The Heart of Everything
We know you want a vital, tangible and visible faith life here at St. Paul's and have great trust that each of you will support your church as a MISSION to the M.O.T. area.  One way to do that is the spiritual discipline of TITHING.  But tithing is a spiritual discipline which enhances the givers' life more than it enhances God's life.  Ask me, your pastor, because I tithe. Is it easy?  Not always.  Is it necessary?  Absolutely.  For my spiritual peace of mind.  To help order my life towards God. For more information on tithing and personal finances go to