St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Friday, December 03, 2021


We invite you to participate
in the community of faith at St. Paul's
by joining us for one or more of these upcoming events!

UMM Bible Study

The UMM Bible Study starts Tuesday, October 5, at St. Paul's Fellowship Hall from 9 AM to 10 AM. All are welcome! Hap will be facilitating the study and it promises to be most interesting, informative, and not without humor! You only need to bring a Bible and if you should forget the church has plenty ... masks are optional.


Thank You!!!
Many thanks should be offered for Barbara Lynn Manlove and Sharyn Sheats for their tireless work to keep our church grounds looking BEAUTIFUL!

We are disappointed to announce that our JOY group event on Friday, March 27 is postponed. The Everett Theater is closed indefinitely; therefore, the performance of “Esther” will not take place.  The show may be rescheduled at some point, however, so be on the lookout for updates. We look forward to gathering again, hopefully in the not too distant future! Karen Ellis

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s
will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18
Carole Harmon hosts a prayer group Thursday mornings at 10 AM
(Please contact Carole or the Church Office for details) 

Flu Shots

          The past three years, Living Well Pharmacy and Health Store have come to St. Paul’s to offer flu shots. Each time the offer has been well received and many favorable comments. Again, this year we would have liked to continue, however, in the process of maintaining the Governor’s phase two as defined this would have been a difficult process. Thought was given to using the outside but again the elements, waiting in line and completing the paper process would be difficult to control. Hopefully, next year we will be able to again consider offering flu shots. The flu shot provides modest to protection from influenza. This year it is so very important that we try to prevent getting the flu during the already complicated health system with the Covid19. If you have not already, please visit the pharmacies, grocery stores, Walgreens and wherever you see a sign advertising the vaccine and get your immunization. If you are over 65, please be sure you are given that immunization. Please do soon as possible because in some cases you might have to wait longer if supplies are low and waiting for a new shipment. Be healthy, be safe.

Ann Newswanger


Mindful Eating: How Can it Help Me?

There are lots of questions when it comes to eating. Especially now, when so much is whirling around us; causing mental unrest, anxiety, increased or decreased eating.    Our waistline may or not be painting a picture of how we are reacting to our very own environment.

            We ask ourselves questions every day or do we?  We need to be mindful of what we put in our mouths. It’s never too late to change your relationship with food.

Are we asking these important questions?

Ø  Do I want to eat?

Ø  Am I really hungry or am I going to just look at food and decide if I am hungry? 

Ø  Am I distracting myself to not eat even though your body is sending you signals to eat?

Ø  Do I ignore my body cues to hunger?

Ø  How do you know you are full, satisfied, or hungry?

·         When the tv show is over

·         When your stomach hurts

·         When the food does not taste good anymore

·         When my plate is empty

 Eating food is not just about being hungry, it is about fullness and being satisfied, too.   And we forget about knowing that fullness and satisfaction is just as important as hunger. Being "Mindful" while eating is so important to prevent us from overeating or just to go on the path of eating healthier.   Mindful Eating is simply paying attention to the eating process, to your body signals, to your feelings and thoughts in order to change your relationship to food.   In addition to general Mindful Eating, a deeper understanding can come with mindful meditation practices taught through a Certified Mindful Eating Practitioner to encourage a lifelong change in behavior.

Asking some additional questions can help with those signals to paying attention and enhance our eating experience. Where does the food you are about to eat come from?  How was it made? In helping us to not overeat, we need to pay attention to when you do feel a sensation of fullness.  Does your food smell?  Does it taste like it smells?   How does it feel in your mouth?  Does the taste of the food change when you are almost done eating the food?  Again, being an active participant in your eating experience is key to change. Being mindful does take minimal patience and practice.  Anyone can be mindful with meals and snack time.   Before eating that meal or snack, ask yourself on a scale of 1-10, 10 is starving and 1 is not hungry, how do I feel and how do I know?  Can I hold off? Am I even hungry?  Am I done eating and satisfied?

Whether this current time in our humanity has change our eating habits or the eating struggles were there before we were on lockdown; we are humans and we eat.   Bottom line.   We eat for many reasons but let’s eat for you, for hunger, for fullness and for satisfaction.   There is only one you and you are incredibly special!

For more guidance or questions, email me at

Healthy to You-Cindra Holland, RDN,LDN

Health Ministry – COVID-19

“Healthy Diet, Healthy Shopping and Healthy You”
St. Paul's had a wonderful turn out for our Health Ministries program this past Thursday. We were blessed to have Cindra Holland lead the group with such knowledge & wisdom and many different ideas on how to make healthy food choices. It was a great night!
Health Ministries Program: “Backache”
Thanks to All Therapy Physical Therapist Drs Ryan and Salinger a great program of information, exercise and question and answer was presented to a well-represented number of participants.   

Embodied Spirituality

Pastor Bo came to speak on the topic of Embodied Spirituality. Christ’s Ministry was always to provide holistic health treating the whole person physically, emotionally and spiritually. In essence care for the body, mind and spirit. In the programs Health Ministry has provided to date physical and emotional health have been the dimensions we have addressed. So we recognized that Spiritual dimension being central to achieving holistic care.  


Personal Safety!

A HUGH thanks to Sergeant John “Wes” Barnett, Jr. from the Delaware State Police, Community Outreach Unit for coming to St. Paul’s to educate us with important crime prevention tips! 
Ann Newswanger, Parish Nurse
 Blood Pressure Check 
First Sunday Each Month after Worship
Now meeting at 6PM on Wednesdays in Fellowship Hall
Let’s together achieve the challenge of reaching and staying a healthy weight.  
Ann Newswanger, Parish Nurse    
Service Opportunities
St. Paul's provides many opportunities weekly for even the busiest among us to serve and glorify God.  Please contact the persons listed below if you are interested in any of the following opportunities:
Flower Ministry Janet Rowley
Liturgist  Alice Mullins
Acolyte Megan Reitzes 
Communion Server Carole Harmon