St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Our History

Nestled in the bucolic village of Odessa, Delaware, St. Paul’s spiritual history began in 1830. The current building in which we worship was consecrated on September 15, 1957. Prior to this time, services were held at Old St. Paul’s on High Street in Odessa. This, now historic, church was dedicated on October 24, 1852, when Odessa was known as “Cantwell’s Bridge.”
Of course, many things have changed throughout the history of St. Paul’s; however, the spirit and the faith of its people have not. We continue to nurture and love our faith family, the community in which we are a part and the world which we serve.
Our past casts a vision for our future. We are bursting at the seams with dynamic worship and vital ministry as we witness to the love of Christ. We invite you to become a part of that witness!