St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Sunday School Registration

Sunday School Registration 2019-2020 Program Year
St. Paul's Church School is held each Sunday from 9:45-10:45 AM beginning September 15th 
for children and youth ages 3 and older. We also offer a variety of discipleship and bible studies for
adults, both during the Sunday school hour as well as during the week.
Please register here:
Child #1 Name                                                            Age               Date of Birth          (2019-2020)
Child #2 Name                                                            Age               Date of Birth          Grade
Child #3 Name                                                            Age               Date of Birth          Grade
Child #4 Name                                                            Age               Date of Birth          Grade
Parent(s) or Guardian(s) Name(s)
Street Address
City                                         State                      Zip Code
Home Phone                            Cell Phone                               Work Phone

I offer myself in service to help:
      As a substitute teacher                               With other activities and special events     
      As a parent helper in the classroom             As a member of the Children's Ministry Team

Emergency Contact (other than above) 


Relationship    Phone 

Allergies or other medical information
Pediatrician or Family Physician  Phone 
I, the undersigned parent or guardian, do hereby authorize emergency medical, dental, health or hospital services be rendered to my child(ren) upon consent of a St. Paul’s staff member or designated volunteer. The purpose of this authorization is to permit my child(ren) to receive emergency medical attention when needed while involved in the activities connected with St. Paul’s United Methodist Church Children's programs when I or my emergency contact is unavailable to give such consent.  From time to time, photos will be taken of students, student activities, etc.  The Church reserves the right to use these photos for news releases, the Church's website, the church-related video and slide presentations, marketing purposes, etc.  This authorization shall be effective from September 2019 thru September 2020.
Agree   Do Not Agree
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Please submit only once to avoid duplicates.  Thank you for registering!!!