How Do I?

This webpage is developed to assist congregants of St. Paul’s on how to do specific things within the Church. If you have any questions regarding any of these items, please e-mail the Church Office. If there are additional items you would like to see listed, the office is always open to recommendations.

Altar Flowers

The beautiful Altar flowers are sponsored by congregants in honor, memory, or celebration of many different things. A sign-up sheet is in the Narthex. You can pick an open date and place your name, contact information, as well as the reason. You also have options for your arrangement. You can arrange the flowers yourself, order from a local florist, etc. Arrangements that compliment the liturgical season are greatly appreciated.  PLEASE be sure that the Church Office is contacted AT LEAST 3 days prior to delivery to ensure the building will be unlocked. Flowers should arrive prior to the 1st Worship Service of the day and remain until AFTER the last Worship Service. Then the arrangement can be taken home. Any arrangements left at the church will be given to one of our homebound/ill/hospitalized congregants. If you have any questions please contact the flower coordinator Carolyn Stanley or fill out the form coming soon it will be located below and the church office and Carolyn will both be notified. Until then call the church office. You can also Fill out a form below and it will be notified to the church office.


Announcements in Mid-Week / Sunday Worship Folder

If you are coordinating a church event or would like to place an announcement in the weekly mid-week memo and/or Sunday Worship Folder, submit your e-mail request by submitting the following information. ALL ANNOUNCMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED IN THE CHURCH OFFICE NO LATER THAN NOON ON TUESDAYS. If your COMPLETED request is not received by Tuesday at Noon, it will not be included in that week’s announcements. (The Church Office can no longer accept announcements such as “please put announcement in regarding name tags”.) The Church Staff is willing to assist you in organizing the announcement but, by following some simple guidelines, you will not only ease the efforts of the church office and the Pastor, you will find your event is more complete and organized in the long run. There are several guidelines to assist you in your announcements. They are:

  1. Please submit your article EACH WEEK you would like it to run.
  2. Check the Church Calendar to avoid conflicts and then contact the Church Office for placement on the calendar. Once the event is on the church calendar, submit the article. If it is a Church Sponsored event you will also need to complete a St. Paul’s Event Checklist.
  3. Most articles will run 2 weeks prior to event (some long term events MAY, at the discretion of the Church Office, run longer).
  4. Events sponsored by or held at St. Paul’s are given 1st priority, community events are then used as space is available.
  5. Please send COMPLETE announcements with the following:
    1. Name of person submitting announcement
    2. Name of contact person for the event and contact information
    3. Date of event
    4. Start and end time
    5. Cost
    6. Who is invited to participate (i.e., all of St. Paul’s, M&Ms, Youth, MOT Community, etc.)
    7. Artwork you would like to include


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To join the Handbell Choir, just show up to Handbell choir practice on any Wednesday at 6:00 p.m., speak with any Handbell choir member, or e-mail the handbell Choir Director.

To join the Choir, just show up to choir practice on any Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. speak with any choir member or email the Choir Director

Contact Information for Fellow Congregants

St. Paul’s maintains a listing of congregants on the About Our Church page of this website.  Select the New Directory link and enter the User Name and Password for the site.   If you do not know the User Name and Password, please contact the Church Office. Please utilize this terrific tool and avoid time and resources in e-mailing the church office for information readily available. The on-line directory is updated as information is received by the church office.  If a congregant has not contacted the office with current information the information will not remain current.


Please only place offering funds in the offering plates all other funds need to be given to the event coordinator. Offerings can be placed into the offering plates during worship, or mailed to the church office with “Offering” in the notation or included on the mailing envelope.

UMCOR you may visit the UMCOR website directly (link) or if you would like for St. Paul’s to receive “credit” for your donation a check can be submitted to the Church Office BUT please ensure the proper advance number is on your check to inform us of the proper mission your contribution will go to.

Offering Envelopes

St. Paul’s currently does not use the designated weekly offering envelopes to make a contribution you may write  a check pay with cash or use the VANCO online giving button. 

Prayer Requests

St. Paul’s makes every effort to honor and add your prayer requests to our church prayer list. Please FULLY complete the prayer request and it will be added to the mid-week blast and worship folder announcements. If the prayer request is not for YOU, ensure the person who the prayer is for knows and understands that they are on St. Paul’s prayer list. If it is not completed fully this will impede the process. Please submit ALL prayer Requests this way and do not e-mail the Pastor or the office directly UNLESS IT IS AN EMERGENCY SITUATION.


Purchases should be requested through the church office at least 2 weeks in advance. If you need a reimbursement for an authorized purchase (please check with committee chairpersons PRIOR to purchases to ensure it will be an authorized Church purchase), please complete a disbursement voucher (including account number).  Attached copies of ALL receipts and have the committee chairperson sign your voucher.  Forward the completed voucher to the Church Office for entry into the accounting system.  The Church Treasurer will cut a check for your reimbursement.  Requests will not be accepted without proper documentation and authorization.


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