St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Music Ministry




One of our greatest blessings at St. Paul’s is our St. Paul’s Ringers.  This group of dedicated musicians meets weekly for 90 minutes to hone their skills, learn new skills and techniques and learn music to present to the congregation on the 4th Sunday of every month.  They will be bringing their musical gift to you all on September 24th at both services.  We are still searching for one more ringer, so if you can read music, we have a place for you!

Earlier this year, St. Paul’s Ringers launched a Top 10 Favorite Hymns fundraising campaign.

As a result of your generous contributions to that campaign, the ringers are now well positioned to attend a Handbell Musicians of America seminar in Ocean City next year. This seminar will be a great opportunity for the ringers to learn new ringing techniques, how to improve their current ringing techniques and meet ringers from churches from New York to North Carolina and every state in between.

Thank you for your support!

As Pastor Karin noted in a recent sermon, many campaigns, especially those on TV0 designed to market a program or event end with the following announcement – “But wait – there’s more!”.

That announcement applies to our Top 10 Favorite Hymn program even though you will not see ours anywhere on TV.

The Top 10 Favorite Hymn program will conclude with a special service in November with a Top 10 count-down. At this service, the winning hymns will be announced and each Top 10 hymns will be sung in descending order of their vote totals. In other words, the number 10 favorite hymn (based on your votes) will be announced and sung first and the number 1 favorite hymn (based on your votes) will be announced and sung last. It will be a fun service and an opportunity not only to learn where your favorite hymn ended up on the Top 10 list but also sing your favorite hymn.

Details on this service are still to be finalized. When they are finalized, they will be included in an upcoming edition of the Mid - Week Memo. Please “stay tuned” for these details and plan to join us the 2017 edition of the Top 10 favorite hymns at St. Paul’s UMC.

Blessings, Shelley