St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Saturday, November 17, 2018

Music Ministry




NOTES from the LOFT 


Recently it has been very gratifying to hear applause from the congregation following a choir anthem, ensemble anthem or hand bell prelude. With your applause, we know just how much those musical offerings add to the worship experience. At the same time, we in the music ministry sometimes overlook the need to return the thank you.

Along these lines, there is a wonderful story about the multi - talented opera singer, Beverly Sills.

Following an encore performance with the Metropolitan Opera, Beverly was met at her dressing room door by a young woman with a dozen red roses. Ever gracious, Beverly accepted the roses and struck up a conversation with her newest admirer.

“Are you a singer too?’ asked Beverly.

“Oh no, Miss Sills”, the young woman replied, “I can’t sing a note.” 

Somewhat taken aback, Beverly said “Then you must play an instrument – the piano or maybe the flute?”

The young woman shook her head – “No, Miss Sills – I don’t play any musical instrument”.

Beverly exclaimed “My dear girl, if you don’t sing and you don’t play -- what exactly do you do?”

The woman replied softly -- “I just listen … and enjoy.”

Beverly later observed that without an appreciative audience it did not matter how well she performed.

From everyone involved in the Music Ministry at Sr. Paul’s -- thank you to all who just listen … and enjoy.


Blessings, Shelley 


St. Paul's Music Ministry

The Music Ministry at St. Paul’s embraces the timeless observations below by two of the most talented and devout church musicians in history:

“Music is an outstanding gift of God. Next to the Word of God, music is the greatest treasure in the world.” -- Martin Luther

“Soli Deo Gloria” (To God alone the glory) -- Johann Sebastian Bach

Currently we offer the following opportunities for members and prospective members to provide this outstanding gift of God and to give all the glory to God. We also host a wide variety of outside groups to share their musical gifts from God and to give all the glory to God during worship or in concerts.



This choir sings every Sunday at the 11:00 AM worship service except during the summer months. They also sing at special services including Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and/or Maundy Thursday. They sing a variety of styles of music from contemporary, spirituals, jazz, classics and modern sacred.  Rehearsals are held every Tuesday night, September through May, 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM in the Sanctuary. 



This choir rings at both worship services on the fourth Sunday of the month as well as at special services. They also accompany the Chancel Choir and/or congregation on hymns. Occasionally, a smaller group of ringers ring during the summer months. They ring three octaves of Schulmerich bells and three octaves of Malmark chimes at levels 2 to 3+.  This choir rehearses on Wednesday nights, September through May, from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM in the Music Room.  They also attend the Handbell Musicians of America annual Handbell Festival in Ocean City Maryland every March.  This festival is an awesome opportunity to learn share and enjoy fellowship with church handbell choirs from up and down the Eastern seaboard.



Some of the groups that have offered their gifts include:

Crossflame, a youth choir/orchestra from North Carolina: The Men of Simpson Choir from Simpson UMC in Wilmington; the Tyler Tejada choir from the MOT area; Bells of the Bay, a community handbell choir from Maryland’s Eastern Shore; The Matsiko World Orphan Children’s Choir, an international group whose members share their love and hope with song and dance; The Chorus from Rising Sun High School in Cecil County MD; His Handmaids, a liturgical movement/dance group from Virginia.



G. Shelley Reel, CCM – Director of Music
Jeff Anderson – Organist
Duane Dillard – Music Coordinator for the 8:30 AM Sunday Worship Service
Jeanne Hatton – Organist Emeritus


G. Shelley Reel, CCM