St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Monday, June 25, 2018



We invite you to worship with us each Sunday!
You will be warmly welcomed as you experience
the love and the grace of God through our
Sunday worship services and teaching.



TWO SERVICES - 8:25 AM & 11 AM
The folks of St. Paul’s offer worship in which we honor tradition, are challenged with the Christian journey, celebrate the Word and share our stories in the intimate setting that is St. Paul's Church. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to worship for the Children’s Celebration at each service. If you and your family are searching for meaningful worship and discipleship, join us for these opportunities to explore your faith. St. Paul’s is a spiritual home for people of all ages and backgrounds and for families, traditional and non-traditional, where creativity and passion for the Gospel flourish and we are bound by the love of God that draws us together.


Join us here for Pastor Karin's weekly notes!

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

Hard to believe that a week from now the truck will be loaded and we will be headed down to southern Delaware. It is humbling to be with you in these last days and there is still much to say and do and time is escaping so quickly. VBS themes each day this week—ADVENTURE, ACCEPTANCE, JOY, REST AND PEACE—speak to so much that we seek for summer. We need a bit of adventure [I would not recommend packing as your adventure of choice—LOL!]—but seek to do something different and maybe something even difficult. ACCEPTANCE of everyone—from neighbors down the street to those within our denomination with whom we may not agree—we must find a way to recognize the gifts of all and seek to work together. JOY—we ALL could use more joy, so let’s laugh together and bring out the best in one another! And then REST—that balm that soothes our distress. Getting a good night’s sleep or a quick powernap is a good thing. RECREATION is good as well—a gunny sack race with the kids might bring you JOY as well! And finally PEACE—we all need the kind of PEACE that only Christ can give. My prayer is that each of us will have that PEACE in the midst of change and the difficult circumstances we sometimes find ourselves in. I especially ask you to continue to be in prayer for Pastor Bo and his family. Remember that news reports aren’t always accurate with information and the investigation regarding Elijah’s death is ongoing. Let us not jump to conclusions but seek TRUTH and JUSTICE, even as we seek to be merciful to all.

I have been on this journey with you for 13 years when you welcomed me so warmly. I have learned so much from you during this time, and you have humbled me with the privilege of baptizing you and allowing me to walk with you through difficult times, even the death of loved ones. We have laughed and wept together, struggled together, and sometimes disagreed…but I have always loved you.

I am so GRATEFUL for so many wonderful thoughts, acts of kindness and offers of help as I prepare to move. Thanks to Sierra Kearns for the great drawing she made and gave me this past Sunday—I will treasure it! On Wednesday, June 27 we load up the truck! So the week of VBS I will be packing during the day and VBS-ing in the evening. And then final packing on June 24 & 25, and cleaning on June 28 & 29. If you are interested in helping email me at and I will send you the tentative schedule.

I love each of you and give thanks for each of your lives!

In Christ’s service and peace, 
Pastor Karin