St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Saturday, August 18, 2018



We invite you to worship with us each Sunday!
You will be warmly welcomed as you experience
the love and the grace of God through our
Sunday worship services and teaching.



TWO SERVICES - 8:30 AM & 11 AM
The folks of St. Paul’s offer worship in which we honor tradition, are challenged with the Christian journey, celebrate the Word and share our stories in the intimate setting that is St. Paul's Church. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to worship for the Children’s Celebration at each service. If you and your family are searching for meaningful worship and discipleship, join us for these opportunities to explore your faith. St. Paul’s is a spiritual home for people of all ages and backgrounds and for families, traditional and non-traditional, where creativity and passion for the Gospel flourish and we are bound by the love of God that draws us together.




Dear Saints,

I’ve been enjoying the rounds of meetings and opportunities to get to know leaders and members and friends of St. Paul’s and to hear your stories. Of course, I feel a sense of urgency to meet everyone at once, but I’m learning to trust God to arrange the appointments and conversations, to not only be patient, but to live in the peace that Jesus creates in the grace that fills our lives. You cannot know how much it warms my heart to see the body of Christ in action throughout the week in our larger community, sharing the produce of our Covenant Garden, shuttling food from Wawa to the Neighborhood House, and stocking book bags with school supplies to show our love and support for children.

And you must know how much I enjoy worship at St. Paul’s every Sunday, if you’ve been able to join us this summer since July 22.

A couple came to worship with us for the first time this past Sunday, and shared with me and with Vicki how wonderful it was to be welcomed and loved by so many people in the sanctuary before, during, and after worship. God has truly blessed us at St. Paul’s with the gift of hospitality. I love especially how everyone belts out the “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to God” (borrowing a favorite phrase of St. Paul in Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16). In 1761, John Wesley instructed the early Methodists to “sing lustily and with a good courage Beware of singing as if you were half dead, or half asleep; but lift up your voice with strength….”

You got the memo!

As I think about what is most important in our community of faith, reflecting on the hospitality and worship and ministry to our neighbors that are the hallmarks of our life together, I believe that this is what it means to live as a community of disciples. But if you ask me to define discipleship, I would not begin with a laundry list of these behaviors – I would begin with the One who inspires and enables us to practice them. I would begin with Jesus. I love how we say “remember” when we gather to be nourished by his body and blood every Sunday, because in all the flurry of church todo’s, we can forget the “Why?” of anything we do. Or, more accurately, the “Who?”

It’s Jesus, who has brought us together. It’s Jesus who saves our lives from the separation of sin and who reconciles us to God and to each other – who calls us friends. It’s Jesus to whom we owe our lives, our very breath, and for whom we live. We don’t have to ask “What would Jesus do?” because he is with us, inviting us to join him as he loves, saves, and serves the world. This is what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. We remember every moment of every day his loving, grace-filled presence in our lives, and we live as a light to reveal his presence in every person’s life.

What a blessing it is to know Jesus. And what a blessing it is to be among those who know him and serve him with all their hearts every moment of their lives. I see Jesus in you, Saints!

Your Brother in Christ,